D & D Property Group



To encourage all members in the same field to achieve the impossible and to compete evenly and fair. Everyone shall rise to be far more beyond in profession and status here.


To strive and accomplish better achievement. We shall improve ourselves in every way including attitude, quality of service, moral and quality of living.

D&D Property Group’s “Whole Person Concept” is to guide members to have a better and meaningful spirit of Family, Health, Education, Career, Service, Wealth & Living.

Million Club

Annual Income:

RM 120,000

Million Club

Annual Income:

RM 360,000

Million Club

Annual Income:

RM 1,000,000

D&D Property Group Theoretical Program

• Always preserve the benefit of every prospect over personal interest.

• Maintaining high standard of profession skill and always self-improve in skill and knowledge.

• Protect all personal data and info, making it confidential always.

• To make sure behavior and image are well taken care of in every aspect,no limit to OMC, EMC or PMC.

• Obey and carry out every rules and regulation when we are in or out of the market.